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Professional & Cost-Effective Carpet Steam Cleaning in Sydney

At Pristine Group, we offer professional and cost-effective steam carpet cleaning services in Sydney. Our industry-grade equipment has an exceptional suction intake, and high-pressure steam spray that ensures any dirt, grime, or allergen is eliminated during the process. For all carpet steam cleaning, we utilise environmentally safe and quality solutions to ensure complete protection to your family and furry companions. We have many years of experience in the cleaning industry, so you can rest assured about the quality carpet cleaning service you will receive. Get affordable steam carpet cleaning in Sydney at Pristine Group.
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Do your carpets need a deep clean to take off dirt and grime? Carpet steam cleaning is an affordable way to give your carpets a thorough cleaning in Sydney.
We offer cost-efficient cleaning services for carpets and upholstery. Our carpet steam cleaning uses environmentally-safe solutions to ensure the protection of your family and pets. We use high quality equipment that has high suction intake and high pressure steam spray for a refined steam clean. We use industry processes for the best results.
Steam carpet cleaners works by shooting high-pressure water at the carpet. Followed by spraying detergent, which is then activated by hot water. A specific detergent is used on different carpets, depending on the type of material. Then the water is extracted, this part removes most dirt, grimes, and allergens within the fabric. The hot water soil extraction method on the other hand, is a technique that is used to get rid of stubborn spots. A pre treatment solution will be used to disintegrate the stains, this allows the water to penetrate deeper before vacuuming.
Spot cleaning and vacuuming can only take away surface grimes. Steam cleaning is a cleaning process that goes deep within the fibres of your carpet and get rid of all the unnecessary filth in there.
  • Hot water extraction that cleans deep into the carpet.
  • Steam uses a wet method which uses less chemcals than dry shampooing.
  • Prolonging the life of the carpet.
  • Safeguard the health of your family and children.

In Good Hands

We hire only the most talented and motivated cleaners and pay them more than anyone, so you get the best cleaning services in Sydney every time.

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We assign a dedicated success manager who attends your site regularly to proactively monitor staff and stop problems before they happen.

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Communication is the key to our success. That’s why our support team is ready to meet your needs 24 hours a day. 24/7 communication help desk at your service.
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Pristine Group is one of the most reliable carpet companies in Sydney, trusted by hundreds of homeowners. Our comprehensive carpet cleaning services are affordable and right on time. We understand how important time is for you. Consequently, we assist you with carpet cleaning with the least amount of interference. Our years of experience and quality industry process allows us to offer you complete satisfaction and peace of mind from any dirt or allergen affecting your family’s health.

Looking for professional carpet steam cleaning in Sydney? Call us on 0451 220 115 to get an unsoiled carpet finish and elevate your indoor environment.

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